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March 2019

Algorithms Revolutionize Mobility

Theme: The prevention of accidents with VRUs

The data on the movements of pedestrians and other Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) can be used to redefine urban mobility.

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In order to collect this data, the most efficient method is needed, which reliably and anonymously collects data about the presence of VRUs without much hardware effort.


With the help of computer vision algorithms, it is possible to obtain this information from moving cameras. In addition, the detected road users are tracked and counted.


The moving cameras can efficiently cover the largest possible area. Thus, even a small number of cameras can collect data about the presence of VRUs in a complete urban area.


For example, information on the number of VRUs per road can help identify areas of high traffic, such as a large playground in the early afternoon, to ensure minimal risk routing.

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February 2019

LOGIBALL at the Car Symposium Bochum 2019

Theme: Safety in autonomous driving

The fully automated transport of goods and products will transform our world over the next 5 years. LOGIBALL is helping to shape the development of the market with the project beesy®.

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Transport robots are currently being developed and tested worldwide. Top priority is the prevention of accidents. Safety is clearly the essential success factor of the overall system.


At first glance, it seems complicated to incorporate such a new system into our current traffic structure.


In his lecture, Dr. Roger Müller -CEO LOGIBALL- presented how the subject of safety must be considered from all perspectives. He explained the different approaches and concluded, which solutions then have to be integrated into the beesy® modules.

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January 2019

Autonomous vehicles in London

Important Field Trial for New Solutions

For a test are currently 5 potentially driverless cars used around the clock in 2 London boroughs. So far, there is one security person in each car who could intervene in the event of an emergency.

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The aim is to gather enough information and experience, to transport the first passengers from 2020 onwards fully autonomously. This would open the way for the first driverless Car-Sharing Service in London.
The goal of this private company FiveAI is to reduce road traffic chaos, air pollution and transportation costs.


Both, the local council and the mass transport system operator Transport for London (TfL), are involved in these plans.
British Minister for the Future of Mobility Jesse Norman explains, that the UK government is keen to soon deploy autonomous vehicles on the roads. He expects increased safety in traffic and great economic opportunities.

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December 2018

Dubai, a perfect place for beesy?

Dubai is the city of superlatives.

It holds well over 100 registrations in the book of world records. The biggest shopping mall, the highest building, the heaviest gold ring of the world - it seems obvious, that a lot is also happening in the area of autonomous driving in this region of the world.

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Already today, the 3 million city operates the world’s largest network of driverless subways. The regent Sheikh Mohammad bin Raschid Al Maktum has decided, to make Dubai the smartest City in the world. By 2030, more than 25 percent of all transport systems in the city will be networked and should operate without a driver. One expects thereby an enormous cost reduction by high efficiency. Renewable energies are also taken into account. All houses in Dubai are to be equipped with solar panels by 2030.


The traffic authority Dubai (RTA) is creating together with HERE a new data infrastructure. In this project, an HD live map is used. This is a high resolution and self updating map. It provides autonomous vehicles with precise information about what is happening on the road. The vehicles are networked with the road infrastructure so that the communication between the individual vehicles is made possible. This results in exact traffic data.


Also the transport on the last mile should be revolutionized. The legislation is in the light of the EXPO 2020, which will take place in Dubai, very cosmopolitan and, as always, record-breaking. That would be an ideal location for beesy.

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November 2018

The Eye of the Hurricane in the world of Autonomous Driving

VDI/VW Conference for driver assistance 2018

On the VDI/VW conference in Wolfsburg, there was a lively exchange about sensors, the eyes of the autonomous vehicle.

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The question is, if cameras are sufficient or if the combination of cameras with LIDAR is absolutely necessary. Should all sensors be merged together, in order to meet the functional safety according to ISO26262?
The answers are diverse. Everything seems possible. Velodyne is presenting its semiconductor based LIDAR.


These could play an important role in the nbear future, as they have significant advantages regarding attrition and cost compared to the mechanically based products.
For sure, it will be still a piece of work to develop the series and the RFQs for the final series version. But it was already very exciting to observe the new sensor in action.
Here you can see a short video demonstration.

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October 2018

Intergeo 2018

Any news about Autonomous Driving?

End of October the Fair Intergeo took place in Frankfurt. This year there was a remarkable number of international exhibitors, mainly from USA and Asia.

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Five years ago, this fair had its main emphasis on software and data. Meanwhile many companies are presenting their hardware, especially drones and sensors.
For me personally, it was interesting to find out more information about autonomous driving.


Surprisingly, I could only find one little stand from Bosch. They presented their new box, that ensures the exact localization of an autonomous vehicle. Market launch is planned for the year 2020. I will keep up to date and visit the Intergeo in 2020 again.

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October 2018

ITS 2018 World-Congress

Copenhagen is always worth a visit

Mobility as a service (MaaS) in combination with SMART City was the big topic of this fair. It became very clear, what will become the new reality in the metropolises of tomorrow.

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However the important big players were missing in this game. Companies like google with waymo, Uber, Grab, Go-Jek, Didi Chuxing surprised me with their absence. It seems, that their interest to demonstrate their newest developments and plans to expand, is little. Let them inspire us.


The shock, that Renault/Nissan will turn over their infotainment to google by 2020, is a big topic for many other companies. With this new development, it becomes clear, that the automotive market will need new strategies in the near future.


The decision from Renault/Nissan is absolutely understandable, because mass manufacturer will be hit more radical than the luxury segment. Because Renault/Nissan is obviously serving the mass market, their decision to fuse with google for cost reasons, is comprehensible. One who suffers under the new deal is the supplier TomTom. We will see, what will be the outcome in the end, as TomTom is by far not at the end of its growth potential.

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October 2018

UPM-Speditionstag in Augsburg

LOGIBALL is presenting their new forestal path navigation for Android

With over 700 participants, the UPM-Haulageday took place for the fourth time, in Augsburg.

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UPM, being the biggest, european paper Group, has invited executive Directors and drivers from the wood transport industry to come to the ADAC test ground in Augsburg.


LOGIBALL presented their new Business Navigator Forestry for the Android-Platform. With the title, Logistics 4.0 with navigation in the forest - a practical example, Thomas Sbikowski from LOGIBALL presented together with the partner WASP and the client Josef Schneller Transport GmbH the developed practical solution.

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